Fresco Workshop


UK:*/ˈfrɛskəʊ/US:/ˈfrɛskoʊ/ ,(fres′kō)

Painting carried out with various procedures on the still fresh plaster of the wall.

or figurative: Symbol of a grandiose and complex work of inspiration.

Grandiose and complex. So complex that even Leonardo da Vinci stumbled upon the technique and all that remains of his fresco of the Battle of Anghiari is legend. But Leo (da Vinci not Di Caprio) didn't have Paola and Marzia, who will guide you in the creation of a fre-sco, so that you can create a portable masterpiece by yourself. A souvenir made of emotions created with your own hands that you can show off at your home.

  • craftsmanship
  • artwork
  • restoration
  • fresco painting
  • work equipment (lab coat, brushes, palettes, powder pigments, tools, prints and awls)
  • mini work of art created by you
Not included
  • transfer from/to your hotel
  • anything not mentioned in “what is included”
Duration3 Hours
Important information

The following cancellation conditions apply:

  • 30% no refound
  • from 5 to 1 days: 100% of the experience price
  • no-show: 100%

Further information

Inside a thirteenth-century building, you will be fascinated by art! You will be guided in the creation of a small fresco painting: from the drafting of the plaster on a small, easily transportable support, to the last extra-fine details painted, following the same methodology of the old masters such as Piero della Francesca.

You can choose a subject from the reproductions available (Tuscan landscapes, pics of frescoes by local masters) or set your imagination free and paint according to your inspiration.

At the end, you will have created a mini work of art with an ancient and unique flavor just like your inspiration! Even kids will have fun and set their creativity free, playing with brushes and powder pigments, suitable for them!

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